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Pedra Longa

Pedra Longa is the symbol of Baunei, Ogliastra and all Sardinia. The calcareous monolith sited at only 4 km from Baunei is one of the most visited natural monuments. The spire is also known with the name of Aguglia or Agugliastra, and the province of Ogliastra, is probably named under this spire. Pedra Longa appears in front of you as an imposing calcareous massif, about 120 meters of height, a soaring shape with a large basement and a rounded top, mainly of Karst formation. Surveys done in this area, reveal that the "Aguglia" dates back to the Mesozoic Era.

Even though the monument has an imposing size, it is smaller than the ones on the coast. Punta Giradili of 730mt, Punta Argennas of 710mt and Mountain Ginnircu of 812mt are considered the highest ones also on a National and European scale. Due to its particular shape, Pedra longa continues to be a main attraction.

The "monument" can be easily reached from Baunei on an asphalt street with a breathtaking view. Along the national street 125 there is a detour through which will take you directly to the sea.

Excursionists will probably prefer to reach the monument by foot in order to have an indelible memory of the place .In particular, there are dirt paths that start in the Supramonte through which you can reach the sea. If you start from "Us Pigius", located in the upland of Baunei, you'll be able to reach Pedra Longa through an easy path from which you can admire both the spire, and the magnificent tops of Punta Giradili, Punta Argennas and Ginnircu Mountain.

After two hours of easy trekking you'll reach the monolith and if you have willpower you can go up till the highest top to look at the beach of "Forrola", towards the gulf of Arbatax and the small island of Ogliastra. If you decide to come by car there is a car park next to which, on the left, just before the restaurant, you'll notice a flight of steps made of local rocks that will take you to a a blue and crystal sea.

On the square's right, you'll find another flight of steps surrounded by carobs and Mediterranean maquis that takes you to the other side, the gulf of Arbatax.

Between rocks and small not crowded beaches, you'll get the chance to see the sea species that live in these places. Few meters away from the spire there is a typical Sardinian style restaurant where you can taste the recipes of the place and appreciate the proverbial hospitality.

Moreover, the entire territory is a paradise for rock climbing lovers who visit the area yearlong and climb a great number of armed routes in the surrounding calcareous walls.


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