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Cala Sisine

Cala Sisine is one of the loveliest beaches along the gulf of Orosei belonging to Baunei's territory. This cove stands in one's memory and pictures because of its clear, green / blue waters, for the perfume of Mediterranean maquis and the calcareous rocks that enclose the beach. The beach is marked out by a great number of small and round white stones smoothed by the sea.

The surrounding landscape is characterized by a wild vegetation of mastic tree, oleander and juniper that make the cove colorful.

The size of the beach (about 200mt wide) guarantees enough space for all those people who reach the cove every day by boat from the near tourist ports of Santa Maria Navarrese, Arbatax and Gonone or by foot through the wonderful track that begins in the upland of the Golgo. The cove was a valid docking for boats in the past but later on, and not long ago, a great inundation changed its morphology and made the cove lose its original functions of a natural port that sheltered from sea storms.

On the contrary of other coves, once you have covered 15 kilometers by car, Cala Sisine can be easily reached also by foot. Starting from Baunei, you must follow the signs for GOLGO-SAINT PIETRO'S CHURCH, cover 8 kilometers of asphalt road and then continue on dirt road until you reach the church of Saint Pietro of the Golgo. At this point, you'll notice a street sign that indicates to turn right for Cala Sisine.

After the sign you must cover 5 kilometers more of dirt road. Along the way, we suggest to stop and visit the nuraghe named "Orgoduri", and enjoy an incomparable view of the calcareous rock and the Mediterranean maquis. At 5 kilometers of distance from the car park, there is the first square where you can leave your car and continue by foot in case street conditions aren't very good. Before you start, it is wiser to be informed on street conditions in order to choose whether it is better to use a runabout or a Jeep.

Ones who choose to leave their car at 5 kilometers away from the last car park will have the chance for a short excursion by foot along an easy track where you can observe the landscape with more attention. Those who reach the last car park by car will reach the wonderful beach of Cala Sisine after only a 30 minutes' walk on dirt road.

Enjoy a beautiful day at the beach face to face with nature and far from the city chaos. Here you'll find silence, relax, sea perfume and spontaneous vegetation that surround the entire beach. Don't forget a waste bag. You can either bring a sandwich from home or taste typical dishes offered in a typical restaurant located just few meters away from the beach.


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