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Cala Mariolu

Cala Mariolu is the umpteenth dream beach that anyone who comes to Sardinia would like to visit. What does Cala Mariolu offer? First of all, a clear, limpid and crystal sea in an inlet that is a natural docking for small boats that arrive, every year from the port of Santa Maria Navarrese and more, to visit this incomparable pearl. This part of the gulf is lovely not only for the sea but also for the beach. The presence of white stones, with small snow flake shapes, was the reason why the inhabitants decided to call this cove "Ispuligidenie".

The name Mariolu on the other hand, means "thief" and it was chosen from Cala Gonone's fishermen because of its close relation with the monk seal that lived in this cave and used to plunder their nets to eat the catch. Besides the monk seal, for which the cove represents a natural habitat, the area is also known for the gull of Corsica.

The presence of this animal, gives a guarantee of an unpolluted environment. The surrounding area is characterized by a high calcareous slope covered by a green Mediterranean maquis and a bit further, by the presence of several caves one of which opens right in the cove. A particularly wonderful cave is the one called "Grotta del Fico" (Fig's cave), sited at 1 kilometer away from "Grotta del Mudaloro" (Mudaloro's cave). Grotta del Fico can be reached by sea as well, from the tourist ports of Santa Maria Navarrese, Arbatax and Cala Gonone.

The cave can be visited with Baunei's expert guides who are at the entrance and will take you at the discovery of one of the most wonderful and preserved caves of Sardinia and of Ogliastra in particular. The cave has an extreme importance as far as the fauna is considered since it represents the only refuge of the monk seal. This detail adds, without doubt, charm and legend to the environment.

Those who prefer reaching the cove by foot can take the path that starts from the Golgo. The plain of the Golgo can be reached from Baunei, following the street signs towards "GOLGO-SAINT PIETRO'S CHURCH". From this point on you must cover 8 kilometers more of asphalt road up to a fork that will indicate you the name of the cove (Ispuligidenie).

Continue along the dirt road, pass the nuraghe Orgudori on the left, and a bit more than a kilometer ahead, you'll find another sign that shows the track for "Ispuligidenie" (Cala Mariolu).

This extraordinary adventure will assure you breathtaking views. Along the track, near "S'arcu'e su Tasaru", you'll find a sheepfold settlement, and after this "serr'e LattÚne". At this point, the track turns more difficult but, as an old saying says, you'll be repaid for the effort spent. From this moment on, you'll face the tough uphill of "Serr'e LattÚne" up to the top, at about 590 meters and, after this, you'll find the plain surrounded by Mediterranean maquis.

Follow the signs on the rocks, and discover a landscape named "Scala e Fustes". This particular name derives from the presence of interlaced juniper branches that are well hooked together in order to allow transit. Once you pass "Scale e Fustes" you'll enjoy a breathtaking view on the gulf of Orosei.

The first juniper wood is followed by a second one, bigger than the previous, that opens on a stony ground and that has to be crossed with caution, holding on to plant branches especially in down hills. Difficulties are almost over! Just few more steps and you'll see the inlet of Cala Mariolu even more striking and attractive then you imagined. Enjoy a wonderful day between the perfume of Mediterranean maquis and crystal waters.


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