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Cala Goloritzé

Cala Goloritzé is one of the most wonderful and uncontaminated coves of all Sardinia and the Mediterranean in general. It is geographically situated in Baunei’s municipal district, and it has become famous for its crystal waters, the unmistakable arch that outstretches on the sea and the spire of “Punta Caroddi” (Punta Caroddi). The imposing monolith is made of calcareous rock and rises on the back of the beach with 140 meters of height. The summit is well known especially from free climbers who challenge risk every day, trying to achieve the highest point.

Cala Goloritzé’s beauty is envied by everyone. Other towns and regions in fact, claimed its property but nature hasn’t created a perfect copy yet. The misleading advertisement and the file of complaint against what happened have been discovered by Baunei’s guards who keep the landscape heritage strictly under control every year.

The most fascinating attraction is without doubt the crystal and clear waters. Water moves elegantly and rapidly while it touches the beach with white marble shaped shingles and when it reaches the rock with great mystery. The color of the rock changes white or black at different moments, as if it wanted to add class to the entire context made even more beautiful by the presence of fresh water gushing out of the spring and flowing into the sea. The particular arch becomes even more striking for its particular shape and for the colors produced by the reflection of water. The place gives a great chance to those who are keen on photography to let out their creativity. According to its beauty and fashion, the cove has been awarded in 1995, the title of “Italian National Monument”.

Cala Goloritzé can be easily reached by foot through the beautiful Bacu Goloritzé that starts in the upland of the Golgo, and is located in the municipal district of Baunei. Once you reach Baunei, one of Sardinia’s most wonderful towns with a panoramic view, you should go on towards the upland of the Golgo and follow directions for “GOLGO-SAINT PIETRO’S CHURCH”.

After 8 Kilometers circa follow the street signs that indicate precisely the way to the cove. Once you pass the street signs that tell you to turn right, proceed along the street for a bit more than a kilometer and park the car in the attended car park of “Su Porteddu”: a typical Sardinian style bar well integrated in the Mediterranean maquis. After a good coffee, go towards Cala Goloritzé through the splendid dirt path that will take you in one of the most charming beaches in the world. Along the walk at times on level road and at times downhill, you’ll have the chance to breath fresh air, to see monument size oaks, hundred-year-old sheepfolds, wild goats, mouflons and wild boars.

Halfway, after a characteristic little arch, you’ll see the summit of “Punta Caroddi” that will indicate that the track is coming to the end. As for magic, a breathtaking view appears in front of you and all efforts and energies spent to reach the beach will be repaid. Proceed along the last part of the path and enjoy an unforgettable day. The cove can also be reached by sea with small boats that leave from the tourist port of Santa Maria Navarrese and from the ones of Arbatax and Cala Gonone.

Motor means of transport, are not allowed to dock ashore and are admitted only with oars supply and with engines off. The limit is shown with a buoy placed on the cove’s offshore. Once you reach Cala Goloritzé you’ll meet the wise guardian who will answer any curiosity and help you in case of need.
Don’t forget a waste bag and if you smoke, an ash-tray.

We take the camera for granted.


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