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Cala Biriala

Imagine how beautiful and satisfying it is to dip in emerald waters, lay down in nearly empty beaches surrounded by the green and perfumed Mediterranean maquis and by age-old Holm-oaks and junipers, read a book in absolute silence, get a wonderful tan or give vent to one’s passion for photography with postcard shots. The following cove has all these requirements.

Cala Biriala (called Bilariccoro in Sardinian dialect) is located between Cala Mariolu (Ispuligidenie) and Cala Sisine. This cove, as all the others along the gulf of Orosei, remains engraved in one’s mind for its clear waters with crystal reflections, for its red colored sand, and for the thick vegetation that grows on the back of the beach and gives the name to the cove.

The vegetation mainly consists of Holm-oaks and Junipers which have survived to the deforestation by the Tuscan charcoal burners who worked here until the 60’s. Biriala is characterized by a typical little arch made of sandstone, which closes the cove on the left side of the beach and gets its red color from the rock material. The only path that can be used to reach the cove by foot is considered more difficult than the ones of Cala Sisine and Cala Goloritzè and is part of Italy’s most famous trekking: “The wild blue”, which however doesn’t provide a stop in the cove.

Those who are keen on trekking, can reach the cove with an hour and 40 minutes walk starting from a place along the street for Cala Sisine, named “Ololbissi”. From Ololbissi, the excursion continues towards “Serra Ovra”. At this point, you’ll find yourself in front of one of the most beautiful Holm-oak and juniper woods that have survived to the deforestation of the early ‘900. Between astonishment and admiration for what just seen, continue your walk towards the famous beach, which will appear at your sight, lovely as usual, once you’ll have crossed the thick vegetation. Here it is, one of the most wonderful sites in Sardinia: Cala Biriala.

Since there could be higher difficulties to reach this cove, it is convenient to rely on expert local guides, with whom a hard trekking can turn into an easy walk also for beginners.
So rucksack on your back, camera and lets go visit Cala Biriala.


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