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Santa Maria Navarrese

Santa Maria Navarrese is a fine tourist center located on the southern coast of the Island and at 10 minutes away from the port and airport of Tortolì and Arbatax. The origins of the village are quite old and this fact can be confirmed by Saint Mary's Church built in the twelfth century, the ancient tower built on the coast by Aragons', few buildings and an old well.

The legend says that the church was named after king of Navarra's daughter who survived at a shipwreck and got ashore where the shrine was built.

The Church has a nave and two side aisles, with wood trusses, a simple façade and a bell gable.

The original Romanesque structure has been irreparably changed by restauration works started during the centuries. Next to the church, there are year old olive trees which give the square a green color that mixes up with the blue sky and crystal waters.

There is an olive tree that can be distinguished by the others both for its size and history because it was planted in the same period in which the church was build. Near the town, just in front of the sea, there is a Spanish tower that belongs to the eighteenth century, called Saracen' Tower because its function was to give protection from the raids of the pirates. [The beach of Santa Maria Navarrese goes from the tower towards south, up to the municipal district of Lotzorai.

On the northern side, in a wonderful area, there is a small and modern tourist port from which you can take boats for the beautiful coves of Cala Luna, Cala Goloritzé, Cala Sisine, Cala Biriala and Cala Mariolu: about 40Km of wild cliffs interrupted only by the dazzling white of the "coves". During the Assumption day, you can present at the ceremony of Saint Mary which is represented by a breathtaking and involving procession in the sea.

The tourist center offers all services :boat trips along the coast, walking or riding Mountain (Supramonte of Baunei - Upland of the Golgo), free-climbing ,guided tours of the Grotta del fico (Fig's cave) and Miracle cave, restaurants and pizza-restaurants, Kiosks along the beaches, night clubs and anything else you can imagine as a diving center and fishing facilities. Santa Maria Navarrese rises on a strategic point which confers a striking view and closeness to the sea and the Supramonte.

The area of the Supramonte represents a starting point for several paths through which you can reach the coves and also a place where you can admire the strange morphology of the territory, the primitive settlements, wild animals that live there and all works related to the nuraghi Age and so on.


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