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Trekking and Walking

Trekking is one of the most practiced sports in Sardinia and particularly in Ogliastra and Barbagia. The particular morphology of the territory make this sport practicable year long both from experts and beginners. For those who don't know the meaning, "Trekking" is an English word that means "to walk", walk slowly.

Italians normally combine this word with hiking because it is generally practiced on the mountains or in similar places and always in straight contact with nature.

Those who have this passion come to Sardinia every year to experience new tracks or to cover old paths. Trekking can be done at all levels but there is a common rule for everyone: seriousness and respect. Seriousness when practicing this sport, respect of plants and animals, respect of the paths without doing anything that could compromise them, protection of the environment and team spirit represent some of these rules.. Ogliastra is considered one of the best places to practice this sport.

The upland is full of tracks traced by shepherds who used them as mule tracks while today, they have become real tourist tracks visited by thousand of those who are keen on trekking. Each path is considered more wonderful and fascinating than the other and this is the main reason why experts and beginners come to visit these landscapes of unquestionable beauty. Wild places, far away from city traffic and chaos, where silence reigns from centuries. Many shepherds use to live here since sheep farming was the main source of profit.

During your trekking you'll understand how shepherds use to organize their life on the mountain and the talent with which they built sheepfolds and animal stables. If we have this heritage today, it's also due to them because besides sheep farming, they controlled the territory and watched over any type of robbery. As you'll see along the paths, nature has been particularly generous with these landscapes.

These tracks offer you all earth wonders: age old plants, streams on the rock, mountain ridges, spires, water and wind smoothed arches, dry walls and so on. We suggest that beginners and experts, who don't know the area, should go around with local tourist guides who will show you all Sardinia's most charming and less known corners.

This is the best way to live Sardinia, to understand the importance of the mountain for Sardinian people and the special emotions felt by those who choose this place every year for their holidays. Bernard Grzimek wrote: "humans of coming decades and centuries will stop visiting technology's wonders and begin to feel nostalgia and to come back where only God's creatures still live in peace.

Towns that will have saved these places will be the only ones to be blessed and envied by the others because they will be visited by tons of tourists. Nature and its inhabitants aren't as buildings destroyed by war. Those can be built again while, if we kill nature, no one will be able to make it revive.


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