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Rock Climbing

Ogliastra is probably the best place where both, nature lovers and particularly those who love the mountain and its rock, can practice one of the better-known sports. A real paradise for all climbers, and for you! This sport was considered in the past as a mean of support for the inhabitants of the place while today it has become an area where free climbers want to experience new and strong emotions.

Risk is restricted and becomes higher depending on how difficult the routes are. Normally the minimum risk is when also 10 year old children are able to do it. If you practice this sport at high levels, you need good training, good skills and most of all duty and passion.

Expert climbers can choose free climbing while those who are less skilled can use a harness, pitons, belays, snap-hooks and so on. Thanks to Ogliastra's weather, characterized by a constant breeze, this sport can be practiced year long and also during the summer in spite of other regions where this season makes climbing unfavorable.

Cala Goloritzé, for example offers both, beautiful dips in crystal waters and the possibility to climb the spire named "Punta Caroddi". This site is the best place wher you can satisfy your desires and enjoy a wonderful view on the Gulf of Orosei. "Punta Caroddi" is without any doubt the most striking place of the Island and of the Mediterranean in general. Baunei, Jerzu, Osini and Ulassai are just few municipal districts in which, even the hardest people to please, will find world's most beautiful walls. Walls in Baunei have been climbed, for example, by Manolo and Oviglia, probably listening to De Andrč's music.

The Genoese song writer needs to be mentioned because some climbing routes are named after some of his song titles. "Punta Caroddi", "Pedra Longa" and the nearby "Punta Scoine", are necessary stops where you can prove skills, balance and strength. These are Sardinia' most famous walls sited just 4,3 km away from the center of Baunei, and where the municipal district has spent a lot of efforts in order to strengthen its value. Due to its amazing calcareous conditions, to its weather and the breathtaking views, Baunei becomes the main tourist attraction. The following sites are the most wonderful areas visited by hundred of climbers every year. "Villaggio Gallico" has 42 routes and is the cleanest and easiest cliff to reach since it stands at only 35mt from the asphalt street. On the street that brings you to the spire of "Pedra Longa", you'll find it on the left. The characterizing element is a vertical central crack. Just a short distance ahead, you'll find another cliff named "Creuza de Mą", with 35 routes. If we put these cliffs together, there are 77 routes, with different difficulties that go from 4a to 7c.

The type of rock and the perfect arming of the walls will give you the possibility to spend an entire day of fun. Besides "Villaggio Gallico" and "Creuza de Mą" there are the already mentioned "Punta Caroddi", located behind the famous Cala Goloritzé, with 19 routes, Cala Luna, with 28 routes, and finally "Punta Giradili", near "Pedra Longa", with 8 routes sometimes quite difficult.

The experience of climbing the most beautiful rocks of Sardinia, with an astonishing view on the sea, face to face with nature and surrounded by the perfume of the Mediterranean maquis is unforgettable. It will surely remain in your memory and it will be the thing you'll talk about the most once back home. Have fun!


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