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Mountain Bike

Ogliastra's territory and its excellent weather all year long, represent two ideal aspects for those who enjoy cycling and want their holiday to be a chance to practice this sport and have fun. A real paradise for cycling.

The month of August assures asphalt streets with no traffic and freedom of action in which you can practice long distance and Mountain Bike at the very best. In spite of general thoughts, high temperature isn't an obstacle for transfers. Sardinia is characterized by a yearlong light breeze which makes transfers easier even during hot summer days. However, there are many fountains along the street that give you the possibility to stop and quench the thirst.

Those who prefer alternative tracks, can cycle along dirt roads through which you'll reach Europe's most charming beaches and terraces with astonishing views.

The period of time suggested for practicing this sport, goes from April to October. These months in fact, can guarantee better street conditions than in winter. Cold months give you, however, the chance to experience Mountain excursions or easier tracks on the valley and on the hill even if, those who are keen on mountain bike, will probably prefer practicing on the mountain. The Supramonte, has several paths, generally well mapped out, that can't be easily canceled by bad weather conditions, while others can be changed by winter rain. According to this, we suggest to use IGM cartography, a compass and a GPS. Some track points require carrying your bicycle on hand, for example in order to cross a dry river full of stones. Tourists generally prefer the track that takes to Cala Sisine.

The starting point is Baunei's upland (Su Edile), and at first, you have to cover 8 kilometers of asphalt road and then 15 kilometers of dirt road. The path is characterized by up hills, plains and down hills with 4% and 10% gradient grades and, an easy ground that will allow you to maintain an optimal pace. Another famous and loved track is the one that takes you from Arbatax to the upland of Gennargentu, at 1000 meters of height from the sea level (Genna Silana).

Along the track, you'll cross the tourist centers of Lotzorai and Baunei. The street in front is ideal for "long distance race" training. If you start in the morning, you'll be able to cover 36 kilometers in about 4-5 hours enjoying of course a breathtaking view. The afternoon can be spent lying on the beach, sea dipping and reading a book.

The track is at times straight and starts to be undulating, with 5% - 10% slopes, once you reach 600-800 meters of height. Slopes of 4%, 5% and 6% remain almost the same for all the first part of the track. Ogliastra's territory offers a great variety of options and you have the chance to choose the ones you prefer.

The option is between several roads and tracks, asphalt roads or dirt roads, up hills, plains and down hills, vast expanse of Mediterranean vegetation, peace and tranquility, which can be enjoyed alone or together in a group. This way you'll choose between sea and mountain, hills or plains. If you don't bring your bicycle we can show you some shops in which you can hire it.


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