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Sardinia stands out in all Europe for its uncontaminated nature and Crystal Sea that draws thousand of tourists every year, but it is also well known among fishermen throughout the world. Almost every period of the year, gives you the chance to practice all kinds of fishing with the utmost respect of the local rules. From March until December you'll get the chance to practice dentex, tunny or white sea bream-fishing. As you surely know, fishing needs the right equipment and you can bring it from home or buy it in the town shops nearby.

You will need a boat or a rubber boat in any case which you can rent in several authorized centers along Ogliastra's coast.

Those who decide to rent a boat, can practice the bolentino, an easier type of fishing through which you can catch the tracina, sea bream, the vacchette and the tasty gilthead bream.

If you believe that fishing alone can be difficult, you can be guided by specialized fishermen who will take you where there is more fish and make you have fun. We'll do our best to suggest you the better person in order to make you spend a beautiful and amusing day at the beach.

Besides trolling and bolentino, you'll have the chance to practice other fishing skills as the Bolognese fishing with or without the float. These techniques will enable you to pass through waterfronts, beaches and reefs in order to catch the pray pretending to fall a pray but he'll be the pray instead. You'll tray to deceive him with the use of all baits you have.

Another really interesting type of fishing is spinning which can be done along the shores of Baunei, Arbatax and Lotzorai. And the well known Surf Casting? At first, it developed only in the United States and afterword, it was adapted to the Mediterranean Sea by skilful fishermen who on the result basis, decided to extend this skill to almost all Italian coasts. Also in this case, the beaches of Sardinia and Ogliastra are considered to be the best ones for this type of sport practice.

Wonderful beaches, full of fish are the ones in Lotzorai, Girasole, Tortol/Arbatax, Cardedu and the ones in Barisardo. Thanks to the variety of options that Sardinia's eastern coast offers you, between beaches ,cliffs and ports, your passion can be practiced at all levels and you'll have a serious chance to get a rich caught. What about underwater fishing? This sport gives you the opportunity to exalt your fisherman skills and put you face to face with the pray and also lets you admire sea flora and fauna.

A sea full of fishes and rich of fauna species of the gulf represent a yearlong attraction for all those fishermen who must follow the rules and never forget to consider this activity as only a sport. Fishing will be possible both in salt and in fresh lakes, rivers and torrent waters in which you'll find trots and the fighting round-fish that will ensure you an unforgettable fishing day. In Santa Lucia's dam, located at a short distance from the centre of Lotzorai, there is a rich depth filled with trots and eels which will liven up your fishing day and make it turn to great fun.

If you wish to fish in fresh waters, you'll have to buy a ticket at the entrance of the dam. The security service will show you the rules to follow as far as the kind of bait to use and the size and number of fish to catch. Once you're there, you'll be surrounded by calcareous and granitic tops that give the lake a fairy-tale atmosphere. Good luck!


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