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If you like the sea, with its rainbow colors, Sardinia is the ideal destination for your holidays and the ideal region to practice immersions! Those who love practicing this sport will discover an Island with incredibly rich sea depths.

The gulf of Orosei has many seascapes to be explored that will surely remain in your memory. Several diving centers located along the coast, will give you the chance to discover natural "treasures" scattered in Ogliastra's depths. You will admire different ichthyic species that live in this sea, explore the submarine caves, and touch mountain walls that go down towards the depth, graze shoals, and be amazed by red coral reefs and flotsam that have become a natural habitat for fishes and mollusks. The first wreckage to be admired is called "Levante", and lies on a rocky depth in front of "Portu Cuau" at about 10 meters deep.

The second wreckage, named "Nasello", is 34 meters deep and lays on a sandy depth right in front of Cala Luna's beach. "Levante" was a cargo boat built in 1930 which sank for an investment and in which 12 people lost their lifes. "Nasello" instead, was an Italian fishing boat, built in 1924 which sank in front of the cove because of the English submarine named "Safari".

Near the ports of Santa Maria Navarrese and Arbatax you can find authorized diving centers where you can hire out equipment and ask for specialized trainers who will make you enjoy all sea wonders. Diving centers organize professional courses that will give you the chance to take out a sub license. An amusing sport, with mental and physical advantages.

This sport is considered different because it gives you the chance to spend time with your friends and family, face to face with nature and far from reality for a while. The Crystal waters which you'll dip in, have been awarded several prizes from the 5 blue flag!


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