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1) Why choose SardegnaHoliday C.A.V.?
SardegnaHoliday C.A.V. gives all guaranties and reliability of a small firm.
2) Which advantages will you have if you book in advance?
If you book in advance, you will economize on the final price and you will be able to choose our best offer.
3) Why Lotzorai?

If you appreciate comfort, Lotzorai is the best choice for you. The town is located between Santa Maria Navarrese and Tortolì – Arbatax, from where you will easily reach the most beautiful beaches on the eastern coast. Lotzorai is famous for its crystal waters that wash the extremely white beach. Thousands of tourists visit the beach every year and you will never find them crowded even in high season. The wonderful, green, fresh and Majestic pine wood is perfect for the hottest hours of the day. Those who are keen on fishing will get the chance to practice in a special river that flows directly into the sea and will have the possibility to challenge great mullets that live proudly both in fresh and salt waters. One mile away circa from the beach, there is a little and monumental island where tourists take photographs every day.

4) Why Santa Maria Navarrese?

There are thousands of reasons why you should choose Santa Maria Navarrese as your holiday destination. Clean and never crowded beaches, a clear and crystal sea, all kind of facilities, a tourists port from which you can take boats to visit the coves in the gulf of Orosei, a charming landscape, a panoramic position ideal for romantic promenades...

5) Why Baunei?

If you are looking for a holiday during which you can discover the island’s typical art, architecture, archeology, anthropology and nature, Baunei is the best choice. All this, without giving up Crystal Sea and the mountain. If you desire, you can be guided by experts who live the mountain every day and who will take you through unique and fascinating paths which lead directly to lovely "Cale"(Coves) as the ones of "Goloritzè" and "Sisine" that can be reached by foot only starting from the Supramonte of Baunei... Furthermore, if you are interested in Climbing, you will get the opportunity to climb the wonderful walls situated at only 4000 meters away from Baunei...known as "Villaggio Gallico" and "Creuza de Mà"!!!

6) Which sports can I practice?

Uncontaminated nature, the territory’s particular morphology, a great number of cavities and cliffs, 40 kilometers of coast that are interrupted only by small coves and falaise, make this area ideal for practicing different type of sports as swimming, trekking, climbing, fishing, speleology and so on... 

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